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EaterWire: Fly Trap Makes Moves, Ritz Goes Downscale

SOMA—In some of the more creative deals in town, Hoss Zare, maker of giant meatballs, has released a bevy of new promos at the Fly Trap, including a new bar bites menu until 1am, a weekday happy hour, and something called "Ten after Ten," wherein parties of ten that dine after 10pm for a special occasion get 50% off the food tab. [EaterWire]

THE RICHMOND—Along with Yank Sing, we'd venture that Ton Kiang is the most well-known dim sum destination in San Francisco proper. So the Chronicle would like to take this moment to officially say oops: "Ton Kiang was inadvertently omitted from Wednesday's listing of our favorite dim sum places." [Chron]

NOB HILL—Everyone's making moves to survive the economy, and we're guessing the upscale places feel the pinch more, even the Ritz. Later this week, Ron Siegel and company will unveil the "Small Bottles/Small Bites" program at the Ritz bar, basically creating a less formal Siegel alternative to the adjacent Dining Room. [EaterWire]

OAKLAND—It's time for Oliveto's annual Whole Hog Dinners. This year, they will run from February 3rd (tomorrow) to the 6th. More info, including a sample menu, is available on the Oliveto website. [EaterWire]

DEATH OF SOCIETY—Newspapers and other publications are folding across the country, yet somehow, Sandra Lee gets her own magazine, debuting on newsstands today: "'I see all these home dec magazines and I think, ‘They’re so beautiful but none of these projects are do-able, and these recipes take 25 ingredients and five hours to make,'" says Lee. “I can look at a picture, because of my product background, and say, ‘Oh my God, you don’t have to do that, you can buy X, Y and Z and it will be done in 10 minutes."' Oh, we'll say "Oh my God" all right. [NYDN via SE]

NAPA—For 12 years, Piccolino's has been a staple in the Napa Town Center, and now it has added a lot more booze to the mix. Not only is there a brand-new full cocktail bar, but there's also an entire brewery operation. Is it just us, or does it seem like there are a number of new breweries popping up in Wine Country lately? [NVR]

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