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The Shutter: Final Tally, January 2009

One of the first to fall: Baraka, 2003-2009.

For the restaurant industry, January is often a rough month regardless of the economy, but given the times, the past 31 days have been predictably bloody for local businesses. As we turn the calendar, here's hoping the survivors can continue to stay afloat. So, without further ado, we present the fallen restaurants from a messy month:

· Atrium
· Azie
· Bar on Castro
· Baraka
· Breezy's
· Cafe de la Paz
· Cafe Revolution

· Cetrella
· Chopsticks
· Deep Sushi
· Geoffrey's
· Jojo
· Joseph Smith
· La Vinoteca
· La Taqueria (South Bay location)
· Laurel's
· Lola's
· Lou's at the Square
· Marche on the Square
· Mecca
· North Beach Lobster Shack
· Pancho Villa
· Pink
· Tansitaro Michoacan
· Scharffen Berger (all local operations)
· Wappo Bistro