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Alice Would Like a Bailout Too, Please

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2008_12_aw.jpgSeeing as how Wall Street and Detroit are getting help, Alice Waters has seized this moment to ask for a bailout of her own ... for organic school lunches: "This new era of government bailouts and widespread concern over wasteful spending offers an opportunity to take a hard look at the National School Lunch Program ... How much would it cost to feed 30 million American schoolchildren a wholesome meal? It could be done for about $5 per child, or roughly $27 billion a year, plus a one-time investment in real kitchens. Yes, that sounds expensive." No, it is expensive. Meanwhile, Alice is already getting flack about this latest request. Again, no one disputes the supreme importance of the cause, but there's got to be a better way to go about it, yes? [NYT/Valleywag]