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EaterWire: Washbag a Week Off, DNA Losing ABC Fight

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NORTH BEACH—At long last, next Monday will mark the return of the Washington Square Bar & Grill. In the Sunday paper, Carl Nolte submitted a piece about the history of the watering hole, as well as some concerns about whether it can survive this time around, under Liam Tiernan's watch: "The real question is whether a 1980s bar and grill can be a success in 2009 San Francisco, especially in tough economic times. 'There's never a bad time to own the Washington Square Bar & Grill,' Liam Tiernan says." Here's hoping Mr. LT is correct. [ESF/Chron]

SOMA—Last week, SFist uncovered a developing situation between DNA Lounge and the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and the Examiner shares a few more details: "The department is threatening to revoke the liquor license at DNA Lounge for 'lewd' and 'lascivious' behavior after department agents witnessed nudity and risqué behavior at four events last spring. 'We were expecting a fine or a 10-day closure,' said general manager Barry Synoground. 'But they’re taking a hard line. It’s killing us.'" [SFE]

SAN JOSE—The latest city to try to get its own version of the Ferry Building is San Jose: "San Jose's plan to invest $6 million in an urban market owned in part by former Mayor Tom McEnery's family is expected to win final approval at Tuesday's San Jose City Council meeting — potentially capping months of controversy over the proposed project ... The developers envision a space akin to San Francisco's Ferry Building, a public plaza and a large market hall filled with local boutique vendors, from bakeries to flower shops." The initial ETA is 2010. [SJMN]