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EaterWire: More Trouble at Medjool, Neldam's Rings in 80

THE MISSION—Earlier this month, someone finally noticed that Medjool might have an illegal rooftop bar, and now the bar's owner—Gavin Newsom buddy Gus Murad—is facing more legal problems. The adjacent hotel might require changes that could cost as much as $315,000. A spokesman for Medjool "said all the recent attention from the press and seemingly sudden interest in enforcement is 'unusual' and 'curious.'" The nerve of some people, enforcing laws and stuff! [Mission Local, previously]

OAKLAND—Tomorrow, Neldam's Bakery celebrates 80 years of business in North Oakland with freebies all morning. We've touched on the very iffy future of the institution before, and it still looks blurry, according to the Oakland Trib: "The future of the bakery remains to be seen, but it doesn't diminish the past, Neldam said. 'The economy's not the greatest ... But let's have a party and celebrate something while we can.'" [OT]

BERKELEY—Also in the East Bay, the Berkeley city council has voted to loosen rules for new restaurants opening on University between Oxford Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. In a nutshell, the council ruled to allow new quick service restaurants, all while continuing to ban new carryout restaurants. [DP]

TOP CHEF UNIVERSE—It's safe to say, due to Bravo's own poll and the reactions we've seen all around the internet, that Hosea would not have been the people's choice to win Top Chef. The best commentary on the loss: Gawker commenters who have been live blogging the season. Skip ahead to page 19, where the cursing, Hosea hating, and "throws TV across room" and "worst Top Chef ever" comments become truly entertaining. [Gawker via ENY]

Medjool Sky Terrace

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