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The Shutter FiDi Edition: Medicine, Teriyaki Experience

1) Financial District: While we're not quite ready to write off Medicine Eatstation completely, things are not looking good for the lunch spot. It cut its hours and its menu a while back, and now, several downtown tipsters have noticed that it has yet to come back from its "renovations" two weeks back. To make things even more ominous, there's no mention of said hiatus on the outgoing message or website. Stay tuned for updates. [EaterWire]

2) Financial District: Up on Kearny, more definite is the ownership change at the Made in Japan Teriyaki Experience. The Canadian Japanese chain restaurant that sounds like an amusement ride opened to tepid reviews last year and is now papered over, with a note promising a comeback under new management. [EaterWire]

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