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EaterWire: Tekka on Vacation, Laiola's Pink Slip Sundays

INNER RICHMOND—Thanks to a tipster for passing along the above shot of a vacation notice at Tekka. As you can see, the Balboa Street sushi joint will be on hiatus for a few weeks, but the "not for sure" part is a bit distressing. You know? [EaterWire]

THE MARINA—In one of the more creative recession deals around town, Laiola has commenced something called Pink Slip Sundays. Via CityDish (which just got itself a redesign; hubba hubba): "Bring in a friend for dinner that was recently laid off, and Laiola will comp their meal. To make this reservation, please email" [CD]

THE MISSION—According to their Twitter feed, Mission Pie is now baking bread too. The new batch of French baguettes comes out late afternoon, FYI. [Mission Mission]

HEALDSBURG—You know what would make the annual Healdsburg Trout Festival even better? Trout: "... the steelhead trout that will be served during the festival is from British Columbia, where they are abundant ... Forty years ago, there were as many as 50,000 steelhead trout on the Russian River. But these days there is just a fraction of those that come up the fish ladder." [CBS]