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Happy Endings: Liberty Not Changing Concepts After All

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Bernal Heights: Since Cathie Guntli, longtime owner of Liberty Cafe, passed away in January, rumors have been swirling around the fate of the beloved neighborhood eatery. Those rumors got a little more intense when it came out that the Hard Knox folks took it over, suggesting that a third branch of the BBQ soul food restaurant might be in the works there. But, we have pretty definitive word as to the new owners and current state of affairs on Cortland:

My husband works at Liberty so I thought i'd clear up a few things. There are new owners- one owns hard knox cafe and the other owns sally's in potero. They don't intend to change the name or anything else. They both love the format and want to keep it just the way it is. Also I met one of the owners -who's a new dad and a really nice guy and I think they are really on same bernal wavelength. Our beloved Liberty isn't going anywhere.
In other words, unless there's a sneaky bait-and-switch about to go down, don't expect Liberty Cafe to ride off into the sunset just yet.
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