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EaterWire: Woodhouse Snags Chef, Redd's Patio Remodel

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PAC HEIGHTS—While Traci Des Jardins takes on a new restaurant in Tahoe, tomorrow's Scoop also brings word that the second, bigger location Woodhouse Fish Company (across from SPQR) is progressing nicely. It's on track for an April opening and has hired Anchor Oyster Bar's Jon Hearnsberger as its exec. On a related note, Anchor would like a chef now. [Scoop]

YOUNTVILLE—The patio remodel at Redd is underway, according to the Cork Board. Among the changes to be implement by Richard Reddington and company are additional covering, heaters and a fireplace. That, friends, is the hotness. [CB]

EUROPE—UK's The Fat Duck, deemed one of the best two restaurants in the world for the last five years, will reopen tomorrow. You'll recall it was closed for two weeks after a number of guests fell ill after dinner there (the complaints eventually reached 400). The cause of the problem has yet to be found. [Bloomberg via ENY]

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