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Yelp Wanted

2008_07_yelpwantedsmall.jpgThe Weekly reviews the entire Yelp phenomenon, and though the (balanced) piece brings few new items to the table, hands down the most ridiculous—and thus entertaining—part of the article is the section that delves into the world of the Yelp Elite: "Anna K. is 'the dumb floozy,' the alter ego of blond 24-year-old office admin Anna Kranzthor, who occasionally writes in the style of Kurt Vonnegut or Dave Barry. Janney B. — real name: Jannette Britt — is a self-deprecating failed model and chronic dater ... Janney B. often does things Jannette Britt would never do, such as going to the Power Exchange sex club in hopes of getting the coveted Review of the Day." [SFW]