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The Dish: The Corner, Ave, Somar

1) The Mission: You wouldn't know it from looking at the exterior, but still slated to open tonight is Weird Fish's spinoff, The Corner. As we've mentioned before, it's a cafe/wine bar with a definite Italian tilt. It's in the old corner Chinese grocery shop on 18th and Mission, and the Weird Fish guys installed some free WiFi, did some construction work, drew some nice-looking trees on the walls, and lo and behold, many months later, The Corner opens tonight. 2199 Mission Street, at 18th Street; (415) 932-6939 [EaterWire]

2) Oakland: Across the way, the Trib is excited about a pair of nightlife newcomers that made their respective debuts on Telegraph Avenue over the weekend: Ave and Somar. We'll refer you there for a first-hand report from the scene (and they do seem like a "scene"), but know that Somar isn't fully open yet. Ave: 2022 Telegraph Avenue, between 20th and 21st, website; Somar: 1727 Telegraph Avenue, between 17th and 18th, website [IBA]