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EaterWire: Nopalito Now Doing Takeout, 21st Amendment Tries Twitter Beer, More!

WESTERN ADDITION—Per Senorita Tablehopper, Nopalito started takeout service yesterday, meaning you can now enjoy their carnitas divinity in the comfort of your home, sans the hassles of other people. [TH]

SOMA—As you may have been able to tell from the brewery's Twitter feed, today was Twitterbrew Day at 21st Amendment, where they live-twittered the making of a new beer called Spring Tweet. On a related note, we never though we'd use so many variations of "twitter" in one sentence; heaven help us all. [7x7]

BAY AREA—An Oregon-based restaurant chain called Shari's Restaurant has purchased four Bay Area locations of Bakers Square, all of which will convert to Shari's in the coming weeks. No word on any specifics though. [BT]

NORTH BEACH—Via SFist comes a harrowing—yes, harrowing—tale that really does seem to belong in a Sopranos episode. It involves a group of thugs (allegedly/possibly from Caffe Macaroni) chasing a pair of gentlemen through the streets of North Beach, complete with trapdoors and hiding out in empty restaurants. [SFist]


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