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The Build Out: The Final Phase at Michael Mina's RN74

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SoMa: Here we have one final look at the evolution of RN74 before the homestretch. A debut is now slated for the second half of April, meaning that the finishing touches are being applied, staffing is underway, and all that jazz. You've still got the Mina pedigree and sleek AvroKO design, but as the finished product takes shape, what's striking is the approachability at work there (a smart/necessary move in times like these): the train station theme's playful prevalence, the wine bar that will be open late (midnight) on weekends, Jason Berthold's seasonal menus, an adjacent 30-seat bar/lounge, a separate bar menu, and of course, its likely centerpiece, the expansive wine program. A few further tidbits from our final walk-through on the ground floor of the Millennium can be had in the gallery above.
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