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EaterWire: Brooke Arthur at Laiola, Print Media Woes

THE MARINA—Hot news from the cocktail scene, where Laiola has enlisted Range bartender whiz Brooke Arthur to give its cocktail program a boost. Laiola is also now doing regular Monday Night Dinners: three courses for $25. [EaterWire]

PRINT MEDIA—While Saveur is apparently killing it these days, the outlook isn't so rosy at fellow Conde Nasties Gourmet and Bon Ap: "...the January issue of Gourmet and the March issue of Bon Appetit each totaled a paltry 108 pages — only six pages above the 102-page minimum set by Condé Nast. Anything less than 98 pages and you can't even glue a magazine together." [EMD via ENY]

NAPA—A pair of Oxbow favorites will be joining forces on Monday, April 6, when Hog Island Oyster Company and Fatted Calf will hold their first "seasonal dinner celebration." The multi-course meal will be capped off with a family-style spring paella with oysters, mussels and chorizo. Tickets are $60 and advance purchase via Hog Island Oxbow is required. [EaterWire]

SONOMA—It's not for certain yet, but Emmy Kaplan of Emmy's Spaghetti Shack is looking to expand her brand to Sonoma, specifically in the space that currently houses Deuce. [Sonoma Sun]

ZAGATLAND—Restaurants, it's time to start your annual begging: from now until April 12th, Zagat voting is open. Also? Worst incentives ever. [Zagat]

[Photo: Flickr/piperaudrey]