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Good News/Bad News: Tipsy Pig

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Almost exactly one month old now is the Tipsy Pig, the Marina gastropub by Sam Josi, Nate Valentine and Stryker Scales. Thanks in large part to a big PR push and a concept that, let's face it, is perfect for both the times and the Chestnut location, you'd be hard-pressed to find a hotter ticket in town for the last four weeks (non-MSF division). Here's a look at the early buzz; hang on:

Good News: "The Tipsy Pig had decent service with the server coming by ever[y] so often. The sound level is too loud in this place. Hard to converse. Food was better than expected and portions are good." [FoodNut]

Better News: "Food ranges from good to very good, and pulled pork sandwiches are a winner. Beer list is strong, if a bit pricey. You're going to wait for a table, especially if you try to go without having a reservation." [Eater Inbox]

Existential Family News: "I looked back at the rollicking, Marina scene inside, and back out to the soon-to-be packed patio that begs for a party ... Is it possible to make a restaurant in the Marina a place where parents won't fear to tred? In the spirit of the English pub where families and drunkards seem to effortlessly mix, The Tipsy Pig is going to try their best." [7x7]

Bad News: "This place was jam packed on a Thursday night. The patio area wasn't too bad though, but I wish they had table service out there or at least another bar because people were clawing over each other for drinks ... Oh, and the icing on the cake was the woman who brought her screaming BABY here." [Yelp]

Um, Is This a Common Occurrence, Ladies?: "Why are there no stall doors in the women's restroom? There are two toilets but no doors. WTF? I don't know any girl who likes to squat in front of people." Update 3/26: The Pig tells us that the bathroom stalls now have doors, which were late to arrive. [Eater Inbox]

Your Requisite Yelp Idiocy: "I give this place four oinks." (Ed. note: that's the entire review) [Yelp]

We Suppose That Means It's Popular: "...the new Marina space that was also closed when we went, despite the website promising being open 7 nights a week. The sign on the door apologized and said, 'we need a break' which from what I hear is true- apparently they'd been slammed since opening." [Alcademics]

Oh, Did We Mention the Bouncer?: " will be much sweeter when its not the hottest new thing on chestnut street and the 'scene and be seen' of the Marina go back to Mamacita. That being said, its nice inside and the bouncer (yes, a bouncer, on chestnut street) and staff were really nice and the space itself (espec the patio) has potential..." [Yelp]

An Eloquent Upshot: "This is another bar pretending to be a restaurant--think about it (Aventine,'s the V415 business model, and it's brilliant--drinks are where the profit's made), but like Mamacita, the food is surprisingly good; Sam Josi's talents, while not Michelin or Bauer-friendly, are unquestionable. On the downside, because this is effectively a bar, wait times are out of control because people hold on to their tables after eating, using them to order drinks from and clock the scene just as they would at a club. The back patio is simply awesome and will make Tipsy the place to be in the Marina this summer." [Eater Inbox]
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