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Ferry Building's Blue Bottle Very Close, Rumors Swirl

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Photo: @jstdenis

Ferry Building: The pretty little thing you see above is Blue Bottle's rapidly-approaching Ferry Building outpost, pictured here via the Eater Twitter feed. Seemingly overnight, the coffee joint is just about ready to roll out, with the doors open for public viewing, the shiny machines hooked up and the cabinets installed. According to sources, we could see a debut somewhere in the neighborhood of next week at the earliest. But as far as Blue Bottle news goes, that's not the half of it.

But the juicier news could be the continued expansion of the Blue Bottle empire. Also from Twitter:

@danapalooza: Plus, rumor has it, that BB is moving roasting operations to Jack London Square (with a café) & is securing a spot @ SFMOMA
For now file this away in the unconfirmed rumor category, but given the way Jack London Square has been coming up—see: Patterson, Daniel and a dozen others—a new Blue Bottle HQ there does make perfect sense. Story developing...

UPDATE: Official word is that they’re building a roastery/cafe in the Jack London District at Webster and Third. Nothing doing in JLS proper (yet?).
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Blue Bottle Café

66 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103