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Eater Tracking Peninsula Edition: Madera

The Peninsula: Exactly a month off is Madera, the new restaurant in the new Rosewood Sand Hill hotel/spa complex in Menlo Park. Former rising star chef Peter Rudolph—last seen at Campton Place—has been named the exec chef, and according to the Craigslist ads, the restaurant is going to be an "ultra luxury" one. The menu, billed as rustic and now online for your reading enjoyment, is an intriguing one on paper, with shellfish platters, Boccalone products, fresh pasta, etc. As for the space, it consists of 120 seats inside, 50 on a terrace, plus bar/lounge areas. Take a look around in the gallery above, which tracks the dining room's evolution over the last few months; Madera is currently slated to debut on April 2nd along with the entire resort.