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New Embarcadero Proposal: What's One More Chalet?

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The Embarcadero: Our sister site Curbed has been covering the ongoing drama surrounding the fate of the property across the street from the Ferry Building at 8 Washington, aka the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club. But the most recent proposal includes one very interesting tidbit for our interests here: alongside 28,000 square feet of public green space would be a cafe and restaurant operated by Gar and Lara Truppelli, owners of Beach Chalet, Park Chalet and Oakland's Lake Chalet (still in the plywood phase). Now, the Chalet food has long been mediocre, but when not luring cougars, Park Chalet is one of the finest al fresco venues in town. Dare we say that a spinoff in the same mold called, say, Bay Chalet, if played correctly, could work well, spilling out onto a new park on the Embarcadero?
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