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Meanwhile in Yountville

2009_03_vita.jpgFormer Chronicle columnist GraceAnn Walden is now doing a weekly newsletter that seems to be a mishmash of old news (i.e., Morton's is expanding), random shills ("Bob Hurley of Hurley’s Restaurant in Yountville touches the part of me that is all green."), and most oddly, some tabloid-esque rabblerousing regarding Laura Cunningham's Vita: "Could it be that the real juice behind Vita is [Thomas] Keller? A few years ago, the duo split up and she left the French Laundry and Per Se ... but our sources tell us that they may be secretly engaged." We could care less about nuptials, but as Vita gets rolling (it was just approved last week), we'll have more on Cunningham's restaurant project in the coming weeks. [GAW]