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The Shutter: Bong Su Goes Down, Cites Economy

Photo via Bong Su

SoMa: Over the weekend, three-year-old Bong Su closed it doors for the last time after one last hurrah on Saturday night. The owners of the chic Vietnamese restaurant— Anne Le Ziblatt and Tammy Huynh—say that the shutter comes as a result of the crappy (our word, not theirs) economic conditions, as well as some ongoing difficulties with the landlord. So, rather than "compromising the concept of the restaurant," the duo decided to shutter Bong Su and instead concentrate on its sister restaurant in Palo Alto, Tamarine. To be sure, Bong Su's Third Street location was a difficult one, but the news is still sad, especially considering it was one of the better-looking restaurants in town. Godspeed.