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EaterWire: Zinnia's Halfsy Hour, Noodle Assault

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JACKSON SQUARE—Starting next week, Zinnia will be offering a “Halfsy Hour” menu from 5pm to 7pm (Tue-Sat), meaning that select cocktails and wines by the glass are half-priced to go along with Sean O’Brien’s signature half-portions. [EaterWire]

PALO ALTO—A server at Zao Noodle Bar was, ahem, assaulted by the very noodles she was in the process of serving: "The confrontation boiled over when one of the assailants reached into the bowl of hot soup the waitress was holding, grabbed the noodles and flung them in her face ... Though stung by the hot and spicy broth, the victim was not seriously hurt, Ryan said. 'She just said her face burned from the red hot chili peppers.'" [CCT]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Now there's only going to be a Starbucks on every other corner in the FiDi. Per the BizTimes: "A Starbucks at 123 Battery St. in San Francisco’s financial district, just across the street from another Starbucks, will be closed." [BT]

THE HAIGHT—Word on the street is that after considerable hurdles, newish chocolate shop Coco-Luxe will be getting a liquor license to serve wine pairings from 122 West Winery with their treats. [EaterWire]

NAPA—Its exact location is still undetermined, but Napa has commissioned a 10-feet tall bronze sculpture of Robert Mondavi, paid for by private donations. [NVR]

UNION SQUARE—On April 15th, the Don himself, Tom Colicchio will be signing books at the Williams-Sonoma store in Union Square at 5pm. Ask him about Toby Young. He'll like that. [EaterWire]

[Zinnia photo by the wonderful Ms. Yin]

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