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EaterWire: Ubuntu Annex Announced, Danko Sommelier Honored, Bacar Does Brunch

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NAPA—Big news coming out of Ubuntu, or more specifically, right next door to Ubuntu, where the acclaimed veggie restaurant will open Ubuntu Annex in June. It's going to be a retail shop that sells Ubuntu dishware, spices, the signature lavender almonds and other specialty items. There will also be a "wine tasting bar" that features biodynamic wines from Lion’s Run (which sources grapes from Ubuntu's garden; see what they did there?) by the taste, flight or the bottle. [EaterWire]

AWARDSAccording to the important-sounding American Sommelier Association, Michael Engelmann of Gary Danko has been named the best sommelier in America. Congrats to Engelmann, who survived what sounds like a strenuous final exam. [via Luxist]

SOMA—Yesterday, Bacar tried its hand at brunch, with the next brunch experiment to take place on Mother's Day and then subsequent Sundays going forward. Scallops and gnocchi in the AM, anyone? [SSS]

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