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EaterWire: ABC to Discuss Options, Michelin Blind Item

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CLUBLAND—And in today's backpedaling news, the ABC has decided that maybe it's not such a good idea to suddenly crack down on historic venues like Slim's and Bottom of the Hill. Reps from both sides met this week and decided that they could, shock, work together to straighten out things: "Leno said Hardy acknowledged that ABC officials currently have broad leeway in interpreting licensing requirements. The two men discussed writing legislation that would clarify the requirements for these kinds of businesses or possibly create a new type of license." [Chron, previously]

PEBBLE BEACH—Fun fact of the day: when Tom Colicchio and Thomas Keller team up for the finale dinner at this weekend's Pebble Beach Food & Wine fest, it will be the first time the pair has cooked together since Keller's ill-fated NYC restaurant Rakel. [GS]

BLIND ITEMS—Or maybe not so blind. A sharp-eyed tipster spots this Craigslist ad for a restaurant in the "downtown/civic/van ness" area: "Fine Dining Michelin starred restaurant in the Bay Area is looking for a Chef de Cuisine. Minimum of 14 years experience in a fine dining/upscale restaurant is required ... Position available immediately." Guesses? Have at the comments. [CL]

NEW YORK—The '09 James Beard Awards are a mere two weeks away, and the Mothership brings word that this year's ceremonies will be hosted by the seemingly-random trio of Cat Cora, Emeril Lagasse and Stanley Tucci. That should make for plenty of awkward conversation, no? Related: review the local nominees right here. [~ENY~]

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