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EaterWire: Whisper Closing, More Michelin Blind Item Fun

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Have some juice for EaterWire? Operators work weekends.

2009_04_whisper.jpgTHE MISSION—According to All Shook Down, Whisper Lounge—home to a dress code that involves "Form Fitting Pants"—will be closing in two weeks. The news has led ASD to proclaim the end of the douchey "ultra lounge" era. Can we get an amen? [ASD]

BLIND ITEM CODA—There were a few good guesses from yesterday's blind item about an anonymous Michelin-starred restaurant sans a chef de cuisine, but here's another clue: in the original version (see cache), the location is more specific. Instead of "downtown/civic center/van ness," it is narrowed to the Financial District. [EaterWire]

POLK GULCH—As has been mentioned elsewhere, this weekend marks the end of the road for Brick. But before it converts into the second location of Fly Bar, there's going to be a going-away party: $20 all you can eat and drink, mimosas, bloodies, hot buffet, Sunday from 11am to 2pm. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Whisper's MySpace, natch]

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