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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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And so we continue on with our Twitter feature, in which we highlight memorable (and some dubious) tweets from the lives of the fooderati, both local and national.

@TylerFlorence: "@MarthaStewart Hi Martha, It's Tyler. We just finished our new site. Let me know what you think."

@chezpim: "Dear PR Flack, is this an improvement? Now you're addressing me 'Hi Techamuanvivit'. Well, hello there too, I guess."

@Rick_Bayless: "I do a combination of Anusara yoga, ashtanga (and lately yin yoga; you know?) Perfect foil to restaurant intensity"

@Gachatz: "Will ppl. Call me a sell-out if I develop a concept for decent airport food?? Was just forced to choose from Manchu wok or Carolina pit bbq"

@BarryZito: "If 3 celebs are at dinner and they're all typing a twit is it a mona je twit? hmmm.."

@taraduggan: "2nd round of focaccia turned out more like flatbread. Michael B. dubbed it fla-caccia. so clever! Still tastes good, but too crunchy."

@linecook: "Claritin can lead to a very funky feeling during service."

@DissidentChef: "I'm feeling very dirty at 'the laundry'."

@fwscout: "#PBFW Thomas Keller did great gnocchi demo. Paul wants to know name of Jewish gnocchi. Help?"

@offalchris : "Butchering 150lb lamb hearts for tartare at pebble beach."

@dcpatterson: "Explained in my crappy Spanish to non-English spkg spaniards how to bike from presidio to gg park. It's good Samaritan week!"

@anjanmitra: "Couldn't find a decent meal at Disneyland Was i hoping for too much! :-)"

@ruthreichl: "Back in town with the cats. Wish they liked traveling; would be so fun to take them also with me. Also, far less guilt-inducing."