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EaterWire: Yountville Rumormongering, More Mission Carts, Achatz's New Experiment and More!

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YOUNTVILLE—The latest rumor floating about Kellerville is that the Gene Tartaglia—the man behind BarbersQ in nearby Napa—is trying to take over Gordon's Cafe and Wine Bar, aka the place down the street from the French Laundry with the giant "Market" signage. Anyone with more info is encouraged to share. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—We're still not sure about how we feel about all these random food carts popping up around the Mission. The curry cart now has a new sidekick in the creme brulee cart. We'll reserve judgment for now, but we would like to know if these new entrepreneurs are actual chefs or just bored hipsters. [Twitter via SFW]

CHICAGO—Culinary wizard Grant Achatz, finding new ways to mess with his diners: "Each guest at a table gets a card with four rows of six words...Row one is flavor, two is texture, three is emotionally driven, and four is temperature. As a group, the diners have to select one word from each...The waiter hands the choices to the kitchen, where we create a dish based on the guests' four choices." [The Atlantic via ENY]

THE BALLPARK—The Giants have made the famed Gilroy Garlic Fries stand the stadium's first sustainable concession stand: "Gas consumption on the fryers has been reduced by 32 percent by the upgrades. An improved cooler system saves up to 35 percent more energy, new light fixtures at the stand help conserve 36 percent more electricity, and the bright green paint that adorns the exterior of the outlet is made up of 100 percent biodegradable products." [SFE]

[Photo: Flickr/Marilyn M]

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