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Alice Waters Unleashes New Dreams Upon America, Gaza

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With the new White House garden fully achieved—sans beets, but we'll get to that in a bit—Alice Waters continues her high-profile crusade, this time via Maureen Dowd's op-ed in the Sunday edition of the Times. And she's taking it to new heights (new heights of what exactly, we're not quite sure). In any event, we've taken the liberty to list the new ideas shared by Waters this time around. As you'll see, some are wackier than others:

1) Since her request for a "kitchen cabinet" has gone unrequited by the Obamas, she wants to do her first TV show called The Green Kitchen: "She can do a soliloquy on the 'discernment' of choosing the most ambrosial orange."

2) She wants to have a "peace garden" on the Gaza Strip that would employ people "from all sides."

3) She envisions a high school where the kids could run the whole cafeteria themselves, "learning math, nutrition, art and food."

4) She wants to build gardens that could provide the entire food supply for the White House.

5) She fantasizes about a world where food gets the front page of the newspaper: "not the food page, or on TV by 'lesser' reporters like 'the weatherman.'"

6) And her "most ambitious vision": she wants to feed beets (dressed with a lovely little vinaigrette) to President Obama. Priorities!
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