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EaterWire: Kasa's Special Offerings, Grand Cafe Bar Reborn, Food Inc. Trailer

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FILMDOM—The trailer for the latest food industry flick, the documentary Food, Inc. is now online. Like last year's King Corn, it looks like a movie version of foodie bible Omnivore's Dilemma, and of course, locavore shaman Michael Pollan figures heavily as a talking head. [Apple via ENY]

THE CASTRO—Tom Colicchio predicted Indian street food was the next big thing, and almost on cue, Kasa will be offering a street special this Friday called pav bhaji (which is classic street food from Mumbai; basically the Indian veggie version of the sloppy joe). [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE—There's apparently a new look and a host of new offerings at the reborn bar at the Grand Cafe. It's headlined by a new Happy Hour from 3pm to 7pm where all offerings (booze and food) are between $3 and $7, with the exception of the $1 oysters. [EaterWire]

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