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Coming This Summer to Food TV: Mr. Chris Cosentino

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Mourad Lahlou announced a jump to the small screen earlier this month, and now, local meat master Chris Cosentino is doing the same. Food Network just sent out a press release detailing its numerous upcoming offerings. Front and center, we have an intriguing new show called Chefs vs. City, starring none other than the Incanto meat man himself, along with his Next Iron Chef buddy:

Acclaimed chefs Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez are pitted against two local foodies in a winner-takes-all race through a different city each week, through the most fascinating, unusual food locations. Each team begins with a clue leading them to their first food challenge.
Challenges could include everything from wine stomping to the eating the spiciest chili west of the Mississippi to diving for sea urchins! The five challenges take the chefs and foodies on an adrenaline-charged, food-lovers tour of each city, and once complete, it’s a sprint to the finish line to see if the locals can protect their home turf or if the Food Network chefs can conquer a new city. Premieres: July 2009.
The show sounds like a food-centric version of the wildly-successful Amazing Race, which isn't a bad thing by any means. In fact, along with the Iron Chef offerings, it's one of the few intriguing shows on the schedule (really, who green-lit What Would Brian Boitano Make?). In any event, congrats to The Cosentino for getting a deserved national platform. And you know, watch out for those sea urchins. And possibly the wine stomping.
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