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EaterWire: Fly Trap's New Menus, Dine Out For Life

SOMAZare at Fly Trap is now offering an entire, separate vegetarian menu. It will feature, among other items, the veggie version of Hoss Zare's famous baseball-sized meatballs: vegetarian kufteh, made of bulgur and beans and stuffed with sauteed mushrooms and roasted garlic. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—On April 30th (next Thursday), you should plan on eating out, because it's the annual Dining Out For Life extravaganza to help stop AIDS. See the list of participating restaurants here and make a resy somewhere, ok? [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—More specials: celebrating its ten-year anniversary already is Blue Plate, and to commemorate a decade, the restaurant will be offering a three courser for 25 dollars. Starting Sunday May 3rd, it will be open seven days a week and will offering the special before 7pm. [EaterWire]

TRENDWATCH—Nice catch by a commenter: it just so happens that today was Korean taco day at Kitchenette. [EaterWire]

STILL MORE TRENDWATCH—In response to the aforementioned Korean taco copycat stories, Kogi really just wants everyone to hug it out: ""Dude, there are more than enough Korean tacos to go around. I mean, why hate, when we can aLL appreciate?...Like I aLways say, mo love, mo tacos, mo ono! (( H U G ))" Everyone got that? [KogiBBQ via ENY]

[Photo: Yin]

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