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Plywood Report: Nacho Business, Sushi Toni, Gussie's

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1) Western Addition: In a small storefront directly across the street from Nopa, new signage is up for a place featuring a DBA of Nacho Business. As a tipster points out, it's going to have beer and wine, and the layout has a bar/counter in the back and an open space in front. We're just going to say this: with a name like that, anything but a delicious nacho-centric restaurant is going to be a massive disappointment. [PLYWOOD]

2) Union Square: According to posters proudly displaying cute cartoon fish, Sushi Toni is supposed to open in June on Bush Street. It's going into the shuttered Sushi Man space between Mason and Powell. [PLYWOOD]

3) The Fillmore: We've mentioned Gussie's Chicken & Waffles around these parts before, but it bears mentioning that they're trying to get outdoor seating permits for seven tables (20 seats). Al fresco on Eddy, anyone? [PLYWOOD]

4) Tendernob: Finally, the Leavenworth side of Sutter continues to evolve. While we all await any and all action at Tyler Florence's still-delayed restaurant in the Hotel Vertigo, plenty of spots are popping up in the area. The latest is something called Bite, advertising sandwiches, soups, chili and deli. Due in summer '09. [PLYWOOD]

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