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EaterWire: Aqua Sinking Quickly, Beautifull Open, More!

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Tomorrow's Inside Scoop pretty much confirms all the rumors that have been circulating around town about Aqua. Yes, the Michelin-starred restaurant is in dire straits financially. No, there isn't a defined owner. And yes, as was pretty clear from the Craigslist ads, Ron Boyd is no longer the chef there. Tick tock. [Scoop]

PAC HEIGHTS—Right on schedule, Beautifull opens today in the Laurel Village space that last housed Cafe Lo Cubano. The "foodspace" is backed by $15.5 million, and they've lured the aforementioned Boyd aboard the research side, so this probably won't be the last you'll hear of Beautifull. Bonus: Thrillist has the menu. 3401 California St, at Laurel; (415) 728-9080; website [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—Chicharrone overlord Ryan Farr talks swine flu and the importance of local pigs over at Mission Mission. And if you really want to figure out if you actually have swine flu, just check here, please. [MM]

FREEBIES—FYI: tonight from 5pm to 10pm, Baskin-Robbins is doing its annual 31-cent scoop night extravaganza. [EaterWire]

RADIOWAVESMichael Pollan was on KQED Public Forum earlier today. As he is wont to do, he discussed all things related to food politics. [KQED]

CALIFORNIA—Every food magazine loves to make lists about burgers, and Food Network Magazine runs its version, picking the best burgers in each state. The winner in California: In-N-Out. [EaterWire]

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