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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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And so we continue on with our Twitter feature, in which we highlight memorable (and some dubious) tweets from the lives of fooderati, local and national. See past editions here.

@ChefJamieLauren: "200 covers to start. it'll be a 400 cover night. guess bauer's review doesn't matter much around these parts."

@ruthreichl: "yyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhvccccccc That is not my tweet. That is the gorgeous STella, walking across my keyboard."

@fabioviviani: "I am Italian 100%, i am a Chef and i am planning to take over this country, one steak at the time."

@AmandaGold: "PS - best part of the giant cheetos? I got a cheetos basketball net that hangs over my cube with a little bball. Happy day!"

@offalchris: "Airports are so sad hurry up, unpack, repack, sit wait while surrounded by people gorging on fast food calming their fears"

@toddpalmerton: "Mmmmmm Nicks Crispy tacos."

@linecook: "Dear douchebags. Please stop doing coke in the Nopa bathroom. Thank you."

@dcpatterson: "last night a couple came in who both claimed that they were allergic AND averse to black pepper. I wonder if they met in a support group."

@vintage415: "First person to show this to adam snyder at the ambassador tonight gets a free bottle of lotus vodka or moet champagne and a table"

@nappleman: "Is a fw mag bnc 2009"

@TylerFlorence: "Hi guys, here is a great, indy blog about simple cooking. Yes it's about yours truly, but this is what they know, My recipes work."

@Gachatz: "cover letter from young cook: 'my main objective is to grow as a cock...' one wrong letter=big mistake."

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