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New Stars: Mourad Lahlou to Host Television Series

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Fresh off his Iron Chef victory over Cat Cora and the shiny 3.5-star review, Aziza's Mourad Lahlou hinted that we would be seeing him on the teevee sooner than later. But instead of the rumored Next Iron Chef gig, it's going to be his own show. Since said project is still in development, many details still need to be finalized—including a channel and prospective name—but it's going to be a 13-part series that explores Moroccan cuisine. From the announcement:

The series for Public Television will introduce the culinary culture of traditional Moroccan cooking to the contemporary North American kitchen. The stories from Mourad’s native country and upbringing will be woven throughout the series as the viewer comes to understand the cultural context to the food Mourad prepares.

Some specifics on the individual episodes:

Each episode will begin in Marrakesh before returning to Mourad’s home in San Francisco where he will share dishes that have brought him national recognition, but whose inspiration lies in the streets and smells and great culinary traditions the viewer has glimpsed in Marrakesh.
Lahlou will play host, and the producers are Susie Heller and Harry Bernstein of Full Plate Media (Made in Spain, Artist’s Table with Jacques Pépin). The broadcast isn't slated until 2010, and the plan is to release a related book around the same time. And Aziza's meteoric rise continues.
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