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The Bauer Top 100: The Ins, The Outs, The Analysis

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So. The annual Bauer list-making extravaganza dropped this weekend, to the delight and/or fist-shaking of many. This year's edition has 21 newcomers, and since only two shuttered (Rubicon, Cafe Majestic), a good number (19, for you mathletes) had to be bumped off. The full list of those that got demoted are after the jump, and for the most part, not too surprising based on the past year's reviews. But first, let's congratulate the newbies:

Bar Jules
Bottega (Yountville)
Camino (Oakland)
Chez Papa Resto
Corso (Berkeley)
House of Prime Rib
Jack Falstaff
Madrona Manor (Healdsburg),
Marzano (Oakland)
Meadowood (St. Helena)
Moss Room
Murray Circle (Sausalito)
Nettie's Crab Shack
The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton
Sea Salt (Berkeley)
Willi's Wine Bar (Santa Rosa)
Those that got left behind:
A Cote (Oakland)
Bar Crudo
Bistro Jeanty (Yountville)
Bo's Barbecue (Walnut Creek)
Cafe Majestic
Cucina (San Anselmo)
Jai Yun
Junnoon (Palo Alto)
O Izakaya
Oliveto (Oakland)
Plumed Horse (Saratoga)
Poleng Lounge
Shanghai 1930
Slow Club
Tartine Bakery
Some quick thoughts: the biggest names on the above list that haven't been re-reviewed in the last 12 months are probably Oliveto and Bar Crudo, with Tartine Bakery in the difficult non-restaurant category (though we will note that Oliveto's 3.5 stars are from 1996). Curiously, Gary Danko was left off the initial online list and is still missing from the cuisine list—simple oversight or the last restaurant in? Nopalito and Yoshi's are the only Mexican and Japanese entrants in the city proper, respectively, and somehow, Matterhorn is the restaurant that won't go away.
· The Top 100 Restaurants, 2009 [Chron]

And now, let's hear your thoughts. Who should have been left on/off?

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