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EaterWire: Corey Lee Leaving French Laundry, More!

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Photo: Flickr/Jen Chan

KELLERVILLE—With some help from Sir Thomas Keller, tomorrow's Scoop drops the bomb that Corey Lee, who has been in charge of the French Laundry kitchen for the last four years, will be leaving at the end of the summer to open his own place somewhere in San Francisco. Taking his place in Yountville will be Timothy Hollingsworth, who you may remember from his role as Team USA's rep in the Bocuse d'Or competition; he will ease into the role over the next few months. In the meantime, we'll take any and all rumors regarding the exact location of Lee's restaurant in the tip jar, please. [Scoop]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—As noted elsewhere, dinner service has commenced at Pickles, meaning the remodeled burger joint is now serving dishes like pork loin, fresh pasta (huh) and chicken piccata. Matthew Kerley—last seen at Zinnia—is the executive chef. Open until 10pm Tuesday through Thursday and until 2:30am on weekends. [EaterWire]

SOUTH BAY—In Campbell, the newish Psycho Donuts has been a runaway hit, with lines out the door and everything. But now, some people—namely, this Merc columnist—think it's not PC enough: "Advocates for the mentally ill find Psycho Donuts in the realm of bad taste. If you've been in a padded cell, it's not a joke." Oi. [SJMN]