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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

Welcome to the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, wherein we take a look at the most intriguing tweets from the restaurant industry.

@ChefScottHoward: "this will be the last weekend before things start to get crazy -look forward to the weight loss - can I market this to the diet industry?"

@CraigStoll: "Wow, these (rare) hot nights in the Mission are just plain sexy. and packed!"

@AnnieStoll: "Craig is a great story teller!"

@roccodispirito: "Are you twittering while I am twittering? LoL!"

@nickscove: "Become a fan of Nick's Cove on Facebook!"

@GAchatz: "We have cooked for Ferran, TK, DB and JG. But Alice comes tomorrow and has me the most uptight of all. I really want her to like it."

@janetunks: "On a roll with Thursday's Datebook headlines."

@chefyouk: "Love showing up to restaurant to find janitor still here with floors soaking wet and dirty! Only 2 hours until brunch...I love Saturdays."

@TylerFlorence: "Gail Simmons from Top Chef is on my flight to New York."

@Rdlewisjr : "Outgoing boxes at IMP: Manresa, L20, Meadowood, Cyrus. Lotta Michelin Stars sitting here in the cooler"

@toddpalmerton: "I'm sporting a very arrow dynamic haircut"

@emeril: "Im just wondering for all my friends out there... What are your top 3 salad dressings?"