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EaterWire: Island Cafe Shuttered, Martins Sans Booze

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THE SUNSET—Another closure to toss on the shutter tally: according to a tipster, late night spot Island Cafe on 19th and Taraval is doneski. New signage indicates that it will reopen as Taqueria El Sol (or Del Sol). No word on whether or not it will be open 24 hours like the Island was, or if it will incorporate an awesome surfing dolphin waitress logo. [EaterWire]

REDWOOD CITY—Regarding last week's big Martins West opening, we should point out that the place is still waiting on its liquor license. They're expecting it to arrive in a week or so, but until then, it's technically a gastropub without the pub part. [EaterWire]

HONG KONG—A few more details regarding that aforementioned world's first all-synthetic dish created by Hervé This and Pierre Gagnaire at the Mandarin Oriental: the dish is part of an 11-course tasting menu featuring synthetic compounds in place of raw ingredients. Herve This defends the dish thusly: "There is nothing unnatural about this new way of cooking ... for example, water is a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen, while salt is a compound of sodium and chlorine.” [NYT]

[Photo: Yelp]