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Eater Contest: Conceptualize Thomas Keller's Next Project, Win Meals at Ad Hoc!

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In honor of last week's news that Thomas Keller is rolling out breakfast service at Ad Hoc, we've decided that the occasion calls for a little early summertime fun ... Keller-style. With that in mind, we'd like to introduce a new Eater contest: conceptualize the next Thomas Keller restaurant.

Kindly note that we're looking for the best, most brilliantly creative, possibly realistic, possibly fantastical, definitely entertaining idea. In other words, a proposal for a Bouchon Bakery on Chestnut Street (nice as that would be) won't cut it here, so get creative. Think along the lines of a Kellerized drive-in, a sous vide seafood emporium on the Wharf, a solar-powered bed-and-breakfast atop the TransAmerica Pyramid, you get the gist. The more details, the better (images welcome too).

But what's a contest without any juicy incentives? The person who sends in the most creative entry will get breakfast and dinner for two at Ad Hoc gratis, which should make for a fine bookend for a day up in Wine Country, if you ask us.

Oh, and the ultimate judge for this little experiment: Chef Thomas Keller himself.

Send in all submissions to before Tuesday, May 26th. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. You have two weeks.
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