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EaterWire: Scott Howard Update, Bruni Betting Begins

NEW YORK—The food media world is abuzz with the Bruni departure news, and already, Eater NY has compiled a list of 25 potential nationwide candidates to the fill the prized, high-profile void. As it turns out, both Michael Bauer and Josh Sens find themselves on the bettors' list. [~ENY~]

BERKELEY—Might as well continue the East Bay Day: the latest update from Scott Howard's upcoming Five. Following a two-year facelift, the Hotel Shattuck (pictured) has reopened in a preview mode, the restaurant en route for June. [CCT]

END DAYS—The Daytime Emmy nominations have been released. Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray and the usual cast of Food TV folks all got nods, but we'd like to point out that Sandra Lee actually got two nominations...for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling and Outstanding Achievement in Makeup. And they say award shows are superfluous. [FNA]
[Photo: Flickr/NRBerkeley]