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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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Say hello to the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, wherein we take a look at the most awe-inspiring tweets from local and national restaurant figures.

@ChefJenBiesty: "Training new protege cook ,it's a love hate thing, day one great. Everyone on the line gets to re~learn the methods, positve thoughts."

@roccodispirito: "Angels&Demons is a better film than DaVinci Code was. But ALL of Dan Brown's books, including Deception Point & Digital Fortress are magic."

@ChefJamieLauren: "Layovers blow."

@SouthFWB: "Guest Sat PM: 'Why dont you have Camel on the menu? everyone in oz eats Camel' Me:speechless"

@TylerFlorence: "I've got a great salmon recipe on Food Network in 5 minutes. (PST)"

@humphryslocombe: "Even though we're closed today, I had to share the fact that I tweeted in my pants over our new Peanut Butter Curry Ice cream Jake just made"

@eomljm: "Buckeye rhouse just spilld food all over my dad"

@AmandaGold: "Is it normal that I, to this day, still sometimes break mini candy bars in half to check for needles?"

@CraigStoll: "Shouldn't have stayed out late last night cause it's gonna be a late one tonight with Ales (Movia) in the house. I'll Hide the grappa."

@RN74: "Blue Bottle at noon. 25 people in line. C'est la San Francisco"

@offalchris: "Why would people cover there seat in a garbage bag on a plane 4 hours sliding around and in first class non the less"

@ChefGuyFieri: "Got interviewd by dennis miller,on westwood 1 show. such a kewl dude, he said he's a fan of DDD, rite on!"