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Ghirardelli Reborn (Again): Pazzia, The Pub Now En Route

Ghirardelli Square: About a year ago, Ghirardelli seemed to be in the midst of a renaissance of sorts, with several new restaurants hoping to reintroduce the tourist spot to locals. Well, now that Marche and O'Neill's turned out to be stillbirths (and the headliner, the Danko brasserie, still looms), a new lineup will try its hand. First up, assuming all goes to plan, moving into the Marche space will be Massimo Ballerini, who is also the owner of Third Street pizza specialist Pazzia. Sources at Ghirardelli tell us that a lease hasn't been signed yet, but a little investigation reveals that there's already been a liquor license application submitted, along with a DBA of Sogno.

Down on the Beach Street level, the shuttered O'Neill's space will keep its traditional pub theme and turn into ... The Pub. No word yet on who exacly is behind the project, or whether or not the mural of Eoin O'Neill will remain on the wall.

Finally, we couldn't resist checking in with the Danko Deuce, Gary Danko's upcoming American brasserie. As you can see from the shots above, the interior has not changed visually in the last year or so, but word on the street is that construction should definitely get underway soon, with the hope of fulfilling that fall/winter ETA.
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