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Good News/Bad News: RN74

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It's been just about a month into Michael Mina's much-hyped latest endeavor in the Millennium Tower. Between the media flurry and the big menu changes—not to mention the Mina name itself—RN74 has been one of the more difficult reservations in town, with the myriad opinions to accompany. So, as RN74's game of cat-and-mouse with Bauer looms, let's take a look at the early reactions from the various internet voices. And (bonus!), since we never got around to running an Eater Inside look around the lauded AvroKO design, we thought it best to share the above gallery too. Enjoy.

Good News: "I'd agree that the food is good but not necessarily a good value ... this place is best for a glass of wine or two, maybe with a snack, then a place for dinner." [Chowhound]

Better News: "$4.5 million make this a beautiful restaurant with stylish booths, unique walls full of wine listings, and a large elegant bar area ... RN74's service was very good to excellent with it slightly fading as the place filled up ... Food was excellent as we expected." [Foodnut]

Mediocre News: "...our meal there was easily forgettable and underwhelming. The food was fine and moderately priced for a restaurant attached to such a famous name... Ultimately, what saved my view of RN74 was the wine." [Food & The City]

Know-it-all NYC Chef News: "Lunch today at Micheal Mina's RN74...Very unimpressed! I knew how to improve every single dish. Clearly MM is now in the house!" [Herb Wilson/Twitter]

Shiny Object News: "The last call wine board is one of the most sublime creations on this planet. Clack clack clack and the entire restaurant gazes up to see what new treasure will appear." [Yelp]

So, About That Whole "Casual" Thing: "If there's a rustic influence, as they claim, I didn't see it .... None of this is to say that the food isn't good or that the space isn't very cool ... Because though the Mina Group does many things very, very, well, casual is not one of them." [7x7]

Your Requisite Useless Yelp News: "marko in da house!!!! sexy sexy sexy. love the vibe...happy tourist crowd is gone...leave this place for us city denizens. thanks, michael!" [Yelp]

Meanwhile in the Bathrooms: "Weird noises from the bathroom speakers at RN74 in SF!? gunshots and wild horses? But great food and wine!! Yum." [Twitter]
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