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Eater Poll: What's Really Your Pick For Best Restaurant?

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Any discussion surrounding a "best" restaurant involves shades upon shades of gray and is, at best, impossible to answer. That said, the best restaurant in San Francisco sure ain't Pasta Pomodoro, and that's kind of a fact. But since we are pretty curious about what you—the masses—think about this question, we've taken the liberty of rolling out our very own reader poll. And unlike the Weekly's version, you'll be able to see the entire voting breakdown.

Thing is, San Francisco is in a unique position, with the four Bay Area restaurants carrying the strongest cases (the Laundry, Cyrus, Manresa, Chez Panisse) lying outside the city limits. That leaves four more Chronicle four-stars: Coi, La Folie, the Ritz and Michael Mina. To be fair, we'll throw in the only remaining Michelin two-star (Aqua), the highest remaining Zagat entries (Danko, Quince) and the most recent regional Beard honorees (Delfina, SPQR). But as the Beard picks attest, SF has never been a fine dining town, so we'll have to include some of the most popular/lauded neighborhood joints too. Though we've surely left some out, a dozen or so contenders await your vote, next: