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Keller Contest: Final Call, and a Look at Some Entries

Our humble Thomas Keller Contest is nearing its stirring climax, and with the deadline still set for Tuesday the 26th, consider this the last reminder to get in on the sweet Kellerday action. The terms, for those yet to submit an entry, are simple: send us your proposal/wish—however detailed, wacky or clever—for the next Keller restaurant and if you win, you get breakfast and dinner at Ad Hoc, courtesy of His Highness TK.

But before we send you off brainstorming into the long holiday weekend, we thought we'd take this moment to share some of the more interesting submissions we've had thus far. The proposals run the gambit from the Tenderloin's Hibernia Bank building and NYC's Tavern on the Green to community-building supergreen projects and PB and jelly diners (we also like this one). Since Eater HQ isn't judging the contest ourselves, consider the following just a few of the more entertaining ideas for your blithe Friday afternoon reading enjoyment:

By far the most common "genre" of submissions has been something—anything—mobile or street food-influenced, but none of the proposals were as ... involved as this one:

This cart would be the darling of the foodie set, with adjacent white-tablecloth seating, a solar-powered grill/steamer, organic sustainable herbs and spices grown in its own trailer, and a rooftop bar a la Medjool. The menu would include miniature Lil' Smokies (in artisanal buns) made from ducks raised humanely on the third floor of the cart. They could even use the same ducks for foie gras nachos. A dairy on the second floor would supply the cheese.

(I know this stretches the definition of "cart" but I got carried away. Use your imagination.)

It's like a KellerBus, see? Moving on, a more education-centric idea:
The California Academy of Sciences

Imagine a place with live exhibits featuring all the animals, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices used in the Thomas Keller kitchen.
Each exhibit features informative descriptions concerning each item.
And after you've passed though the exhibit, you go and eat them, prepared by the Thomas Keller kitchen.

I was eating chicken wings today, and realized that 3 chickens were killed so that I could enjoy those chicken wings. Your meal feels a lot different when you realize the cost of your meal.
In addition, the more informed the diner is about their food, the more they can appreciate all the hard work it takes to get that food on your plate.

And what's a Laundryman brainstorm without some twist on Latin phrases?
From the renowned Thomas Keller of the famous Per Se and Ad Hoc comes the new San Francisco restaurant Caveat Emptor. Once again breaking the mold, Keller once again flexes his culinary muscles while breaking new ground in the American restaurant scene. Here, one can sample the 3 Michelin star cuisine featured at Keller's Per Se and flagship French Laundry with one twist. The twist? Some of the food just sucks. If you lose this game of culinary Russian roulette you will end up with an uneasy feeling bound to last for days, if you are lucky you will end up with the meal of your life. So without any further ado, let the buyer beware. Caveat Emptor!
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Send in any and all brilliant, entertaining ideas—far-fetched or realistic—to before Tuesday.