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Chez Spencer Truck Rolls Out; Waits (But Not Lines) Ensue

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SoMa: Last night marked the debut of Chez Spencer on the Go, Laurent Katgely's Frenchified taco truck in the Oil Can Henry parking lot. As seen above, lines to order to were nonexistent and the crowds were modest (especially when compared to opening night at MSF), but the wait for the orders still reached upwards of 45 minutes. We'll surely give the truck—which is pimped out in Euro regalia (and rosemary bushes too)—the benefit of the doubt, but we still aren't sold on the menu, which reads more like restaurant appetizers hastily prepared in a truck than any new twist on street food. And don't get us started on the difficulty of eating sauced-up frog legs (think buffalo wings) atop microgreens with one hand while standing. Therein lies the genius of the taco and its various incarnations, and also why the escargot puffs on-a-stick were the only winner last night.
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Chez Spencer

82 14th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 864-2191