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Bourdain's San Francisco Episode to be Inspired by Bullitt

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Two months ago, Anthony Bourdain created quite the stir when he descended upon San Francisco to film the first local episode of No Reservations. At the time, we mapped out his stops, and now with a speaking appearance looming in Cupertino tomorrow, the celebrity chef drops a few more hints regarding the SF episode's overall theme. Turns out that he will pay respects to Steve McQueen's iconic 1968 film Bullitt; for the vintage-loving Bourdain, it makes perfect sense really:

"We rented a Mustang, raced it all over the city," Bourdain said of his five-day eating blitz in March, which was closely documented by online foodies. It's the latest of the show's cinematic homages, which have included "Thief" (Chicago), "8 Mile" (Detroit) and "El Mariachi" (Texas/Mexico).

The show will be a part of the second block of season five of No Reservations, meaning it will likely air sometime in late summer or early fall. As for Bullitt itself, one of the many, many SF locations that played prominently in the film is the bar at Enrico's, and for your viewing pleasure, a brilliant mashup tour of the famous car chase scene can be had right here.
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