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Plywood Special: John Colins Moving to New SoMa Spot

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SoMa: Come late summer, John Colins will be moving to a new location roughly 0.1 miles away at 138 Minna. There might be some overlap in terms of having both locations open at once, but the Minna space will eventually be the one and only. The news comes on the heels of its sister bar Eve ramping up simultaneously on Howard (see more on Eve above). But back to John Colins: aside from the obvious greener pastures factor—read: a bigger, better space—the more direct reason for the JC move, according to sources there, is the looming Transbay Terminal superproject, prompting us to wonder about the eventual fate of Anchor & Hope on the other end of the building.
· Plywood Report: Eve, 12/19/2008 [~ESF~]