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Appleman Among Star Chefs in Mega-Homage to the Pig

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Magazine pieces that worship at the porcine altar are by no means novel concepts, but this month's edition of Men's Health assembles a rather impressive pantheon of chefs to explain—and show—how to dissemble and cook an entire pig. It's a pretty good read overall, and all the chefs get individual assignments. Naturally, Nate Appleman takes the role of butcher and is tasked to break down the entire pig, while Wylie Dufresne gets the loin ("It wouldn't be our first choice, but we'll make it work"), Lidia Bastianich ends up with the shanks/trotters, and so on. Surrounding the print piece is a full "Eat Like a Man" guide with cameos by Bourdain, Colicchio, and (duh!) Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr. Pig-related: Ryan Farr's butchering class is underway right here in San Francisco.
· The Beauty of the Beast [Men's Health]