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EaterWire: Copia Sues Lenders, MSF Back in a Truck, More!

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NAPA—The twists and turns at the Trainwreck That Was Copia keep on coming. Today, the bankrupt Copia sued its lenders for $71 million, alleging that they mishandled the deal that financed the complex. [PD]

TECHNOLOGY—Yesterday's Thrillist shed some light on an interesting new bar/restaurant tech concept called myOrder. The official site describes it as "convenient service that allows you to order food and beverages from your mobile phone" The local joints hooked up thus far with the system: The Ambassador, Ruby Skye, Slide, Harlot, and Ducca, pictured here. [Thrillist]

YERBA BUENA—Next Saturday, Mission Street Food will return to its roots and shack up in a taco truck for the first time since all this happened. MSF will do its thing at Mission and Third Street as part of the Yerba Buena Center's Big Idea Night. And they are planning on serving during the entire shindig, until 3am. Admission free, tickets limited. [MSFWire]